Old Schedules for Rating Permanent Disabilities
1997 Schedule for Rating Permanent Disabilities
1988 Schedule for Rating Permanent Disabilities

Disability Evaluation Guidelines for Permanent Disability Ratings -
1988 & 1997 Schedules for Rating Permanent Disabilities

Rating Work Capacity Functional Loss by Analogy (Updated on 06-05-2012):
Lifting & Carrying / Strength & Physical Exertion

Industrial Medical Council's Physician's Guide:
Medical Practice in the California Worker's Compensation System, Third Edition
Physician's Guide, Chapter Three: Basic Concepts - Disability

California Code of Regulations 8 CCR 46 & * CCR 9725:
Measurable Physical Elements of Disability Appendix

Determining Work Capacity Functional Loss & Subjective Disability
Rating Work Capacity Functional Loss in the Brain and Nervous System
Rating Weighted Loss of pre-injury capacity in the Bilateral Upper Extremities
Rating Weighted Work Capacity Functional loss in the Single Upper Extremity
Rating Work Capacity Functional Loss: Abdomen, Lungs, Rib Cage, Neck, Spine & Torso
Rating Loss of Weight Bearing Functions & Avoiding Duplication in Lower Extremities
Evaluating Subjective Disability (88 & 97PDRS): Subjective Factors Appendix
How to rate Subjective Factors of Disability using the Einstein-Horner Calculation

Articles for Evaluators on the Comprehensive Med-Legal Report
How to avoid and fix Common P & S Report Errors
Substantial Medical Evidence in the Evaluation of Measurable Objective Factors

Articles by Suzanne P. Marria, Hon. WCAB Judge
Basic Elements in the Med-Legal Report
Writing Usable Reports

For PD Indemnity Rates: 
PD Chart 2002 thru 2004
PD Chart 1996 thru 2004 by MedLegal
PD Chart 1972 thru 1990