Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 6:51PM
Luis Perez-Cordero

California Disability Rating Mechanics for Injury Dates on/after 01/01/2013

The California Rating Formula: AMA Guides Impairment-to-California Permanent Disability

Rating Mechanics for Injury Dates on or after 01-01-2013 using The 05PDRS

Below is a Table of the Division of Workers Compensation (DWC) presentations, that address Disability Rating Issues and give examples of how to use the 05PDRS to rate Permanent Disability for dates of injury on/after 01/01/2013.

SB 863 & PD (2013)

Rating Strategies & Senate Bill 863 Issuers (2013)

Rating Strategies for 2014

Addressing Rating Issues – Spine Impairment (2015)

Rating Boot Camp: Upper Extremities (2016)

DEU & Almaraz-Guzman (2016)

Identifying Rating Issues (2017)

Rating Boot Camp: Lower Extremities (2017)

Case Studies in Rating 2018

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